Around 2014 we started experimenting with offering a premium Android experience for seniors


Out of reports from United Nations we see a definite mega-trend:

Using smartphones is not easy for everyone

Low smartphone penetration on ages 60+

Seniors use only basic mobile phone functionality

Another research shows that seniors use the phone mainly to communicate and use the regular phone functionality in addition to consume information. The inconvenience of current smartphone propositions is more obvious on ages 70+ where physical and mental limitations make the use of smartphones even more difficult. The problem of accessible smartphone technology for seniors on global scale is unaddressed. With the Katsuna OS we are offering our 2 cents.

Using smartphones is not easy for everyone. Senior people struggle with smartphones due to peculiar reasons. With user research we narrowed down the problem to the following elements

There is unnecessary complexity

Having so many options becomes a burden. Moreover, the options given to users are not prioritized. Users are lost and cannot complete the intended actions with ease.

Less than 20% seniors use smartphones

With services going online more and more there are audiences that struggle to become digital natives and follow up

Adaptation requires time and effort

Senior people face discomfort when using smartphones for the first time. Major reason is the high number of different designs and interfaces required even for performing basic operations.

User inabilities are not considered

Each user is unique and has individual capabilities. Smartphones are designed for a single type of user. Different visual, physical and mental user needs are not taken into account. Users who struggle feel excluded.