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Seniors go Android

We empower seniors to use an extensive ecosystem of apps designed for their needs.

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Technology for seniors

At Katsuna, we rethink how besic interactions on Android by providing holistic solutions with great accessiblity features in the following sectors:



Easily navigate though the whole Android interface with the Katsuna Launcher. Manage and organise your applications.



Call, send & receive messages, manage your contacts. Designed for seniors with high focus on accessibility



Manage & organise reminders, alarms and events. Use the Katsuna Android ecosystem for an easier life with your smartphone.

Katsuna Launcher

The Katsuna Launcher is the entry point for an accessible and enjoyable experience using your Android phone. With the launcher you can go through a list of applications; use them, uninstall them or find information in 3 discrete steps. Place apps and widgets in the home screen for a personalised experience.


Katsuna Calls

With the free Katsuna Calls application you can go through the last calls you made or received and follow up by calling or sending messages.

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Katsuna Contacts

With the free Katsuna Contacts you can find your contacts, edit them and get in contact with people by calling or sending messages. 

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Katsuna Messages

With the free Katsuna Messages application you can go through the last conversations and follow up by sending messages back or calling back. 

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Control time, reminders and alarms with ease.

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Go through the list of everyday events. Manage alarms & reminders

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A free virtual keyboard created for accessibility

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Katsuna Camera focuses on accessibility. Coming Soon

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