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Katsuna Android customization is the catalyst for enabling more seniors to Android. The majority of Android devices have similar hardware characteristics. Most of them have standard 4,5-5,5 inches screens and 3 hard buttons. We give the best experience for seniors and for people seeking simple accessible solutions when using standard devices. The distribution of this product will benefit users, companies and the Android itself. With the adoption of this solution there are great benefits at stake as:

  1. Seniors will be able to use smartphones with convenience
  2. OEMs will diversify their terminal portofolio with products that matter
  3. Telcos will have accelerated ARPU as a migration from feature phones to smartphones means a migration from prepaid to postpaid customers
  4. The systemic effects of having accessible technology will grow the Android community with benefit the Android ecosystem itself

Especially OEMs will bring value and diversity to their terminal portofolio. Devices with the Katsuna OS can be a key differentiator and attract new customers. OEMs can distribute more devices increasing their volumes while there are no research & development inhouse costs. The Katsuna solutions are designed for a global audience and have multicultural fit.

We would like to work together with companies able to create and distribute mobile devices to reach happy out-of-the box customers.

Contact us: sales@katsuna.com