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A few words about Android

Android is a widely used OS and together with its ecosystem a massive distribution of technology. What makes Android great is its openess, offering unlimited options for customization.  Android openess and footprint is very appealing for individuals and companies to develop applications and offer diversity. The diversity of solutions exploded the Android ecosystem as many users are thrilled to use countless solutions that solve real problems or offer recreation.

The many different options are welcome to the most of the users but seem chaotic to others. Users new to Android face difficulties to use Android phones, especially users with physical and mental limitations like seniors have a slow learning curve. For these users who need harmonious unified interfaces Katsuna is the subtle base needed for exploration of all the different apps.

Inclusivity on Android  

The majority of mobile solutions are designed for a young audience without physical limitations. There are plenty mobile solutions which people with additional needs and especially seniors struggle to utilize. Android as the major mobile platform is affected by this phainomenon.

Ignoring people needs breeds exclusion: exclusion breeds isolation; isolation breeds insecurity; insecurity breeds fear. There is a need to invite people with diverse needs. There is a need to be inclusive.

Katsuna ROM amplifies the Android offering by simplifying the user experience

At Katsuna we rethink Android and we optimize it for seniors. Katsuna ROM consolidates a number of changes and brings a tailored optimal experience across the operating system interfaces and a portofolio of basic apps. With Katsuna ROM as a base the Android world becomes accessible for seniors.