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Katsuna meets Opera

Katsuna ROM has the Opera for Android browser pre-installed

Opera is a company with advanced technology and a long heritage on mobile browsers. Katsuna ROM has pre-installed the Opera for Android browser because it is a browser with unique features which can benefit senior users to access and navigate to the Web such as:

  • Large icons
  • News feed
  • Speed-dials
  • Ad-blocking

We are more then happy to announce that we will distribute pre-installed the Opera for Android.

Seniors need to go online

Katsuna has the mission to empower seniors to use smartphone and mobile technology in general. With more and more people having internet access one trend is certain: services will go more and more online. For cost reduction and efficiency we are moving to a world where self-administrative digital tools will gradually take the place of the traditional ways to interact with institutes, governments, banks and service providers. Instead of having to go to offices for accessing services, people will be serviced online. And some of the everyday tasks will be done only online with e-commerce, e-banking, e-administration taking the place of the traditional services. This transition will take years but we need to start working the digital empowerment of people worldwide. Seniors need to go online and to go mobile.

Therefore it is for great importance that seniors have an excellent browser to support their navigation online. Many thanks to Opera Software for allowing us to distribute the Opera for Android.