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Seniors go Android

We revisit Android with the goal to deal with the challenges senior users have with smartphones, lower their hurdles and empower them to use smartphones. We offer more accessible and meaningful digital experiences rethinking basic interactions on Android for an effective everyday use of a mobile phone. 

Access to technology is a right, not a commodity.

We are dealing with complexity and unifying the way to do things on Android. At Katsuna empathy is the driving force for understanding individual user characteristics and then offering tailored experiences to our solution ecosystem. We strive to provide accessibility and a way to easily learn to use Android devices without having previous knowledge.

We frame and tailor the context of basic actions so seniors can effectively follow and complete simple flows. Katsuna focuses on the basics and offers the support structure for the every day phone use. We invite a broader audience to Android. The idea behind Katsuna ROM is to make senior people comfortable with Android phones. Therefore we recreated the way users interact with the basic applications and the operating system delivering a coherent look & feel. 

Going from feature phones to smartphones is not easy for seniors. They have challenges that are unsolved by the current offerings. Katsuna fills the void and delivers convenience on Android, empowering senior people for utilizing smartphones.

Our apps are available on Google Play.

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Download and install the Katsuna ROM on Nexus devices.