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At Katsuna we understand user challenges and we deal with them one by one. Our approaches are implemented across all our sollutions with coherency and help seniors utilize Android phones. We provide context and flow. The below approaches are dealing with senior challenges:


A set of two options is given to complete major tasks. Choices become obvious to the user who can deliver intended actions effectively.

3 step interaction path

The steps are:

  • Navigation
  • Focus in context
  • Interaction

Purpose driven concept with short interaction paths. Coherent experience, reduced time to Android adaptation. We unify user interfaces by following a single pattern for most interactions. Learning curve is significantly reduced.

For reaching the goal just navigate through a list of items, focus to the selected one and execute the action.

Tailored experiences based on user characteristics

The system based on user’s input, adapts to user visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and preferred hand.

Characteristics of seniors differ significantly. It is a necessity to provide tailored experiences for satisfying individual user needs and reduce barriers from physical and mental limitations.

Benefits when using Katsuna solutions

At Katsuna we redesign basic applications to optimize user performance in the areas of:

Decision making

By highlighting only the most important actions, prioritizing them and dealing with complexity, we help seniors on the desicion making process. Users focus on the significant choices.

Simplicity & coherency reduce hurdles on decision making. Systematically presenting relevant options is key.


We design solutions that help users focus on one thing at a time. We support the user to retain attention while performing an action and improve selective attention and attention switching. Flows are simple, even users with cognitive limitations can effectively complete actions.


Deficit in memory can be eliminated when providing contexual information about the elements of the solutions. We provide contextual information with icons, titles and descriptions which are understood by users of divergent cultural background.

The aforementioned 3 step interaction path helps significantly users to follow a smooth flow and not to be interupted; thus resulting to working memory disruption and contributing to the procedural memory.

As a next step we are working to support user's prospective memory through mechanisms of reminders and notification.

Interface tailoring

Every user is different. We try to understand user characteristics and deliver a tailored coherent experience to each user. We apply changes that improve the overall product. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like small improvements, but when combined with all other optimizations across our solutions, they have a noticeable impact on user experience. Tailoring is achieved by changes on different axes:


The user can specify his visual preferences during the initiation phase or through settings. After having understood the visual status of each user, the system adapts to user needs offering a custom to each user coherent experience across all Katsuna solutions. Colors and spacing and fonts are optimized for improved readability of texts.

Hand preference

First Android phone for left handed users. We think it is important that users use only their preferred hand while operating a phone. The modern mobile phones have become increasingly big and using only one hand has become difficult.

We help users who want to operate with one hand, eg disability cases where the second hand is not well functioning. We help left handed users (around 10% of the population) to operate smartphones and we offer a customized experience for left handed users across all solutions.